Balanced Bellydance

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Discover the 4 Keys Every Bellydancer Needs to Liberate, Nurture, Enrich and Enjoy Her Dancing!

Bellydancers, are you feeling dissatisfied, overwhelmed or burnt out? Would you love to rekindle your dance-life with a renewed sense of Passion, Bliss and Joy?

Many Bellydance students and professionals around the world are feeling that their dancing is lacking in joy, passion or essence. These are only a few of the symptoms of an out-of-balance Bellydance experience.  The great news is that is can be turned around in a matter of weeks! Shemiran Ibrahin & Keti Sharif will guide you through the Balanced Bellydance Program with free online group mentoring year-round.

YES you can bring passion, bliss & joy back into Your Bellydancing! See what women worldwide are saying about Balanced Bellydance.

The Balanced Bellydance facebook Mentoring Cycle can be joined any time this year! See dates below.


Balanced Bellydance Video Series

Enjoy a powerful 4 part video series to understand the concept of balance within your bellydance life, and assess where you are at. Includes Introdctory Module.


Four Complete Modular Programs

Open the Head, Heart, Body and Spirit rooms with four comprehensive Modular Programs, each with an Introduction and 4 x Units, with study manuals and audio MP3s for each unit.


Personal Exercises and Mentoring

HEAD 2019 Aug 30, Sep 13, Sep 27, Oct 11
HEART 2019 Oct 25, Nov 8, Nov 22, Dec 7
BODY 2020 Feb 7, Feb 21, Mar 6, Mar 20
SPIRIT 2020 Apr 3, Apr 17, May 1, May 15

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The secret is in understanding the 4 Essential Elements of Bellydance, which also bring balance to life itself. This video has information in it that can be life-changing! 

Shemiran is a renowned bellydance coach and mentor, and the creator of the Bellydance From The Heart Teacher Training Method and Unveil the Feminine.

Keti is a Somatics teacher, choreographer and the creator the A-Z Bellydance Courses. She has hosted multiple dance festivals in Australia and Egypt.

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