Balanced Bellydance

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Discover the 4 Keys Every Bellydancer Needs to Unlock Her Joy, Passion, Energy & Power

Bellydancers, are you feeling dissatisfied, overwhelmed or burnt out? Would you love to rekindle your dance-life with a renewed sense of Passion, Bliss and Joy?

Many Bellydance students and professionals around the world are feeling that their dancing is lacking in joy, passion or essence. These are only a few of the symptoms of an out-of-balance Bellydance experience.  The great news is that is can be turned around in a matter of weeks! Shemiran Ibrahin & Keti Sharif will guide you through the Balanced Bellydance Program with free online group mentoring year-round.

YES You Can Bring Passion, Bliss & Joy Back into Your Bellydancing!

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The secret is in understanding the 4 Essential Elements of Bellydance, which also bring balance to life itself. This video has information in it that can be life-changing! 

Shemiran is a renowned bellydance coach and mentor, and the creator of the Bellydance From The Heart Teacher Training Method and Unveil the Feminine.

Keti is a Somatics teacher, choreographer and the creator the A-Z Bellydance Courses. She has hosted multiple dance festivals in Australia and Egypt.

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